Whitenoise have always been great storytellers

Since our founding Whitenoise have always been great storytellers, and we decided right at the beginning that we wanted to chronicle our growth through the now infamous 'Whitenoise Books'.

Our latest, 'Decade', is the seventh in the series, and was launched to mark our first ten years in business. Each one is different, yet the story remains the same - how great design and keen insight can build compelling brand presences.

While some editions are now particularly rare, there'll always be at least a few copies for our friends and clients to take away whenever they visit the studio. If you'd like to claim yours, just get in touch...

Book One: The Work Of Whitenoise

A slightly subversive tribute to all things shiny and revealing, Book One was our first foray into self-publishing, lovingly crafted and clothed in see-through blue PVC, it provided an insight into the workings of a fledgling graphic design studio.
Published 2001

Book Two: Invention/Convention

Book Two saw us establishing a template for the Whitenoise books, being a story of two halves, with equal space devoted to client work and our own creative doodling, beautifully printed and more than able to grace any coffee table.
Published 2002

Book Three: The Magic Number

A slightly surreal twist on book design with plain old cardboard covers hiding an explosion of flowing multicoloured creativity. Book Three was split into three equal sections highlighting the theory, execution and output of the creative process.
Published 2003

Book Four: The Ones That Got Away

An exercise in creative recycling, with remixes of failed pitches, cut-up and re-layered for your pleasure. Book Four was foil-blocked, cloth covered, case-bound and printed on a dozen different types of paper with varnishes, metallics and special inks. Launched with accompanying DVD.
Published 2005

Book Five: Identity

Peeling back the layers and revealing the heart and soul of Whitenoise. Book Five was our biggest statement of intent so far, yet strangely our most personal and self-revelatory work to date. Lovingly crafted with a unique binding method featuring a transparent slip cover and accompanying DVD.
Published 2007

Book Six: A To Z

A meditation on the English alphabet, Book Six comprises 28 posters featuring a single letter interpreted by the Whitenoise design team (the last two featuring the perils and pitfalls of punctuation!) presented in a slip case with accompanying book and DVD.
Published 2008

Book Seven: Decade

Published (a year late!) to celebrate our first decade in business, Book Seven comments on notable world events of the last 10 years that shaped our thinking or influenced our lives in some way. Definately one for the coffee table...
Published 2011

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