Survitec - Made Simple!

Film / Green Screen Removal / Set Extension / Motion tracking / CGI graphics

International leader in survival systems and long-standing Whitenoise client, Survitec Group needed help with a global internal communications campaign... so who did they call? Whitenoise of course.

As Survitec continues to grow, new businesses brought into the group are rebranded and this campaign introduces them to the process. Comprising print (booklet, posters etc), e-flyers and a 5 minute film, we made sure the message got across loud, clear and with a certain amount of humour!

The film was shot in Studio 5 at the Linenmill Studios in Banbridge, home to the global TV hit 'Game of Thrones', and made extensive use of green screen, digital removal, set extension and CGI techniques throughout. The star of the show was the lovely Clare Thomas, famous for her hit CBBC show 'Young Dracula', and she was an absolute delight to work with. Check out a fun timelapse here too.

We're very proud of the final results so a big tip of the hat to Clare, as well as Ryan, Niall, John and the rest of the film and post team, and not forgetting Kerrie for excellent graphics and print work.

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