The Whitenoise Digital production pipeline

Film / Animation / Motion Graphics / VFX / Production

The Whitenoise Digital production pipeline

Pre Production
Often overlooked, but always an essential element of any project, pre-production includes everything from storyboarding and pre-visualisation of complex scenes through to casting sessions and location scouting, permissions and legal releases - essential to ascertain and clarify production budgets and timescales. We also take care of props, wardrobe, makeup and catering - because clients and crew always march on their stomachs...

Whitenoise Digital offers complete production services, shooting at higher than HD quality and delivering broadcast level results with complete control over every aspect of a shoot. With full studio and location facilities and equipment and cameras to suit every budget, we always get the optimum footage ‘in the can...’

Editing is where we bring the story to life - following the groundwork and roadmap set out through the storyboarding phase, we cut the footage to build pace and anticipation, making sure all key points are retained and the sense and tone of the message comes through...

Whether through cost-effective stock music, or local and ‘live’ composition, we use music to support rather than dominate the story. Additional sound effects and voiceovers are also combined at this stage if required, with appropriate character and tone carefully chosen to suit the message...

This is where Whitenoise Digital really shine - our award-winning VFX and animation teams will add the wow factor to the story with an art direction style that suits the project and reinforces the character and nature of the story. We use 2D, 2.5D and 3D techniques as well as traditional hand animation and stop motion to deliver anything from cutting edge VR style to retro and cute. Here’s where we also incorporate any branding required, from a station identity to a client logo...

Grading is all about ‘styling’ the assembled and completed edit to give it a consistent visual language - whether sunny and blissed-out or cold and clinical, the grading process allows us to ‘plant’ the finished project in a cultural and artistic frame of reference that’s just right for your audience...

Content Delivery
Once the project is finished the real work begins - output and export to whatever format is required, from HD broadcast level to smartphone compatible, we produce and provide the finished content in the best and most efficient format for your delivery channels.

The end result? Digital nirvana, delivered with style and passion by Whitenoise Digital: Those who can, do.

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