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Happy National Pet Day

National Pet Day 

We had the priviledge of interviewing all of our Whitenoise pets who provide us with unconditional love every single day. Don't worry, we had plenty of treats to bribe them with!

Hello my name is: Martha

My hooman's are: Laura and Adam 

My favourite treat is: Cheese. Hard, soft, melted and even out of date

Things I love to do: Sleep and see cousin Hentry (another studio dog) 

Hello, my name is: Henry Mount Slemish Black Thunder 

My hooman is: Mark Case

My favourite treat is: Anything anyone else is eating

Things I love to do: Chase sticks and stones and swim with the fishes

Hello, my name is: Mia (pronounced Maya) and I'm a 7 year old Pug

My hooman's are: Michael, Lucy and Teddy 

My favourite treat is: My dental sticks or another dog's done

Things I love to do: Eating my paws and cuddles with my hoomans 

Hello, our names are: Kristoff Trouble and Sven Double. We are Collie cross brothers

Our hooman is: Elsa, our birth mother's name was Elsa too! 

Our favourite treats are: Mummy doesn't let us talk about it, si nce we licked her face in the pciture. It's not a treat mommy gives us

Things we love to do: Eat squeaky toys while mum is working. Bark in the middle of the night to the sound of the wind. Give kisses

Hello, my name is: Monty 

My hooman is: Kathryn 

My favourite treat is: Fresh Aspen bedding and a nice hot spot to bask

Things I love to do: Try and escape my vivarium and hide behind it

Hello, my name is: Amber and I'm a 10 year old Golden Retriever and Poodle cross, a Golden Doodle. 

My hooman is: Katri 

My favourite treat is: I pride myself on being an excellent eater and always ready to try new things. But if I had to pick one thing, it would have to be a nice slice of ham...or chicken...or cheese...ermmm can I get back to you on this? 

Things I love to do: SWIMMING! I swim in the sea, in the lake, in the river...Sometimes even a puddle of mud is too tempting, I can never say no!  

Hello, my name is: Sherlock Watson 'Tips Hat' and I'm a 5.5 years old Lhasa Apso  

My hooman is: Corey 

My favourite treat is: Eating anything that falls on the floor

Things I love to do: I love to sniff and lick stuff or sometimes I lick and sniff stuff just depends what mood I'm in 

Hello, my name is: Wrigley and I'm a 4 month old Golden Retriever 

My hooman is: Maeve 

My favourite treat is: My Yak, I love chewing it

Things I love to do: I love it when I lie on my back and my hooman scratches my's niceeeee

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