The Battle of Messines remembered…

Posted on 08·06·2017 by Mark Case

Say hello to yet another beautifully animated explainer for Derry Nerve Centre, this time commemorating the First World War battle of Messines and those who fought so bravely throughout the conflict.

This time round we tell the story of the offensive conducted by the British Second Army on the western front near the village of Messines, west Flanders, and explore the contribution and sacrifices made for the effort by Irish and British soldiers. Various advances in artillery, infantry and engineering tactics were used to great effect to deliver a successful Allied assault on the Messines Ridge, a key component in the eventual  outcome of the First World War.

The film was masterminded by Jonathan Fletcher and the Whitenoise motion team, and utilises parallax 2.5D animation to bring historic photography to life, supported by subtle 3D animation to key battlefield technologies, including the British Army Mk1 tank and the Royal Flying Corps' airplanes.

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