It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Posted on 13·12·2016 by Mark Case

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

A decade ago, the first thing that would have sprung to mind when thinking of Christmas probably wouldn't have been video campaigns – but oh (ho ho ho...) how the world has changed! Whether it’s the original Coca-Cola TV commercial (...holidays are comin'!) or the magical offerings from John Lewis, producing a Christmas video has become a modern-day tradition… and Whitenoise is no different.

Inspiration for this year’s Whitenoise film came from the old Christmas album commercials you would have seen on TV late at night (remember KTEL, anyone?), with the Two Marks(TM) represented in puppet form, recording their own compilation album and causing havoc around the studio akin to Waldorf and Statler of ‘The Muppets’ fame, before finally getting their comeuppance at the hands of their long-suffering staff.

Delivering the video involved puppeteering, green screen capture, 4K filming and editing and remarkably the whole thing was turned around within the space of 48 hours! The graphical elements were produced in-house, and the end boards were printed onto stickers which are branding sweetie jars that will be delivered over the next week or so to all our cherished clients! We hope more than anything else, that the video brings a smile and a laugh to the face of anyone who views it!

Happy Christmas from all the team at Whitenoise Studios (and those two muppets, Mulholland and Case!)

PS: Keep scrolling down to see some stupid behind the scenes pics and a daft outtake video... and there's a prize for the first person to spot the glaring continuity error (and by way of full disclosure, we acknowledge the copyright holders' rights to all music performances in this not for profit production!).


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