Marcin Wilkowski

Brand Designer

“It’s not where you take things from - it’s where you take them to.”

Marcin Wilkowski's (we all call him Martin!) adventures in visual arts started with photography. After he graduated in this field from the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan, Poland he kickstarted his career working for non-governmental organisations, magazines and advertising agencies, but one of the most important experiences of those early days was a teaching job, educating fidgety pupils in the basics of photography and the history of art. Through this experience he developed extremely high levels of patience and perseverance - skills he draws on to this day!

Curious to see how he could expand his skills beyond still imagery and into graphic design, he embarked on a postgraduate course in this field at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology in Warsaw. Having completed this course he found a ready market for his combined photography and graphic design skills in various Polish advertising agencies, building a strong portfolio of brand development, publications and advertising work.

Since moving to Northern Ireland, Marcin's photographic works have been exhibited widely, including shows at Belfast's Ormeau Baths Gallery and the Queen's Film Theatre, but now at Whitenoise he does what he loves most: print design, branding and identity.

Although Marcin now self-identifies as a graphic designer, he has never abandoned his first love - photography. As a photojournalist for JazzPress magazine he can frequently be seen clutching his DSLR at live gigs across the land...

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