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Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental health problems can affect anyone at any age and life stage, so we are taking a week to look at some of the factors affecting our mental health and wellbeing in 2019.  

Experiencing a mental health problem is often upsetting, confusing and frightening. Admitting we need help can feel like a sign of weakness, which may stop you from talking about your problems, or seeking help. This, in turn, can lead to increased distress and a sense of isolation.

In reality, mental health problems are a common human experience. Most people know someone who has experienced a mental health problem, if not touched directly by their own personal experience.  While it can feel like there is no way out, a combination of self-care, treatment, and support can bring relief and comfort. 

 The team at Whitenoise have joined together to produce a series of designs highlighting how mental health can affect our lives. Exploring issues such as post-partum depression, debt worries, body image, mental wellbeing and juggling a work/life balance. This was an opportunity to be creative without a client brief, and create a series of images that spoke about our varied attitudes around mental health. 

Over the course of this week, we will be sharing these designs across our social media platforms daily to raise awareness and prompt discussion about how to support others and care for our own mental health. 

If you want to find out more about Mental health Awareness week please visit the Mental Health UK website for information and support services. 

We have also partnered with MindWise, a Northern Ireland based organization offering both public and by referral services designed to support individuals experiencing a range of mental health issues. 



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