Team Volunteering at Local Tree Nursery
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Team Volunteering at Local Tree Nursery

Our team gets their hands dirty with The Conservation Volunteers

Our team of tree planters included volunteers from across our teams, pulling in the manpower of a company director, brand designers, animation artists, videographers and account managers. 

Following on from our Sapling Planting day with the Woodland Trust in 2020, our time with The Conservation Volunteers took us right to the start of the ecological process - growing seeds into saplings that will populate future forests.

In just one morning, we transported the full weight of an adult elephant in compost and mix to build a birch tree plant bed. Over the next two years, this plant bed will be a safe home for birch seeds, which will grow into strong saplings. By building a raised bed the seeds we planted were more protected from worms and other insects, while the fencing and structural reinforcements built protected the seeds and saplings against the furry pests looking for an easy meal. 

Meeting the regular conservation volunteers who give up their time (and sweat) weekly to give back to their local environment was fantastic.  

Thanks for hosting us at your base in Ulster Folk & Transport Museum and for giving us the opportunity to get our hands dirty planting the trees of tomorrow!

"I loved volunteering with The Conservation Volunteers! It was great to spend the day in nature, learn about all the hard work they do there and see our team work together to create and complete a build that the TVC can make great use of. A great way to spend the day."

- Ciara, Senior Designer, Whitenoise

"Participating was very rewarding, as it allowed us to make a tangible impact. From the moment we arrived, there was plenty to do and by the end of the day, we could collectively appreciate all that we accomplished. The TCV are doing commendable work, and it was good to be a part of it."

- Corey, Designer and UX/UI Specialist, Whitenoise

"I’d like to extend a huge thank you to the Whitenoise team who volunteered at our Tree Nursery. Our Team enjoyed hosting you, and we were totally impressed with the volume and quality of the practical work completed to support the growth of our tree nursery."

- Diane, Operations Manager, TVC