Translink launches plans for "Green Roofs" on Bus shelters
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  • Translink launches plans for "Green Roofs" on Bus shelters

Translink launches plans for "Green Roofs" on Bus shelters

Creative positioning by Whitenoise Eco Heros

Translink has recently launched an initiative to educate schoolchildren about climate change and showcase the measures they are implementing to reduce carbon emissions and support the local environment. As part of this effort, we produced an informative and engaging booklet designed specifically for young learners.

Our in-house team took great care in illustrating and designing the booklet, ensuring it not only imparts important information but also captivates children with beautiful, vibrant illustrations. The booklet is printed on fully recyclable materials, aligning with Translink’s commitment to sustainability.

The booklet covers key topics related to climate change, including its causes, impacts, and the importance of reducing carbon emissions. It also highlights various initiatives Translink is undertaking to be more environmentally friendly, such as increasing the use of electric and hybrid buses, enhancing cycling infrastructure, and promoting public transport as a greener alternative to private car use.

To make learning fun and interactive, the booklet includes a variety of activities that children can enjoy while they learn. These activities are designed to reinforce the educational content, making the information more memorable and engaging for young minds.

The booklet will accompany Translink staff on their visits to schools, where it will be used as an educational tool to help teach children about climate change and the steps being taken to combat it. This initiative aims to raise awareness among the younger generation about the importance of sustainability and the role they can play in protecting the environment.

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We are incredibly proud of how the booklet has turned out. The thoughtful design and engaging content reflect our dedication to supporting Translink’s mission and educating the community. Additionally, to further enhance this educational effort, we will be producing an animation to accompany the booklet in the future. This project not only showcases our creative capabilities but also our commitment to contributing positively to important environmental initiatives.

"As part of our commitment to sustainable travel and biodiversity, Translink worked with Whitenoise to create a booklet for school children to promote the importance of public transport in keeping everyone better connected. 

Thank you to the brilliant team at Whitenoise!"

- Jonathan Elliott, Bus Shelters Improvements Project Manager, Translink

To find out more about Translink's Climate Action initiatives and to read the Eco Hero booklet; visit Eco Heros Booklet

Credit: All illustration and design by Whitenoise

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