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A Brand Transformation For Brick and Stone

A Brand Transformation For Brick and Stone

Brand · Motion · Digital

On the tail-end of a tumultuous 2020, the Brick and Stone team approached us with the goal of changing their visual identity. With huge ambition and a booming business, Whitenoise was commissioned to deliver a new look that packed a punch and propelled the company into 2021 and beyond. This transformation oozes creativity, personality and is a showstopper within an industry marred by traditional and safe thinking. Read on to see the journey of developing Brick and Stone’s brand narrative and application.

Brand Narrative

Getting under the skin of Brick and Stone was fundamental to creating a brand ecosystem that is future-proof and will perform in the years to come. As such, we started with a brand development process that dug deep into the ethos and values of the organisation to reveal a new proposition and a refined tone of voice. Following market research and engagement with key stakeholders in a focus testing exercise, it was apparent that emphasising their passion, bravado and risk-taking nature was essential. The goal was to communicate their confidence for the future, whilst remaining true to what their customers love about them - their passion, enthusiasm, cheekiness and personality. The development of a brand playbook was a vital process in developing the narrative and voice of the company, effected on their new website, social media platforms and digital channels.

Visual Style

When the Brick and Stone team approached us, they needed help defining their visual style and presence. After a few conversations, brand narrative development and plenty of coffee, we created a look and feel for Brick and Stone that sets them apart from all their competitors and reflects their unique qualities, characteristics and business offering. 

When developing brand assets, we decided to focus on the product at hand and use shapes, textures to develop a wealth of brand assets that are striking and reference the industry. Whether it’s a stretcher bond wall, a repeating floor pattern or a herringbone feature, brick and stone products take many shapes and forms, explored using bright colour combinations, transitioning laying patterns and a digital focused approach. Coupled with strong typography, a family of brand colours and new photography the visual style packs a punch and channels the team’s personality perfectly. 

Product Photography 

To shake up their brand identity, the Brick and Stone team were eager to take a head-on approach with their products. To achieve this, we brought together a renewed focus on how Brick and Stone were photographing and talking about their bricks. We were inspired by fashion product photography and decided to take their product photos to another level with impactful photography that truly makes a mark. Coupled with traditional close-up shots and wall panels, this photography sets a new standard for product photography in the brick and stone industry.

New Website 

We couldn’t transform Brick and Stone’s visual identity without providing them with a shiny new website, and boy, did we deliver. While the old website served its purpose, it lacked finesse and didn’t reflect Brick and Stone’s vitality and approach to business. Our UX and brand teams got to work and completely transformed the website, which now oozes personality and flair. 

The most significant change to the website is through the introduction of colour. This complete visual transformation echoes the vibrant and kaleidoscopic attitude to bricks which the Brick and Stone team embraces so passionately. Our brand team worked with bright tones and the newly developed graphic components of the laying patterns to inject personality, resulting in a showpiece website that breaks industry norms. Who knew bricks could be so exciting? 

User experience is integral for any great website so we engaged in discussions and conducted user testing to address key issues with the website and introduced a more fluid, seamless and user-friendly interface, creating an enriching and memorable experience for customers. This included integrating exciting and unique photography of the products, similar to that of an e-commerce site.

By moving away from endless lists and dull sales images, we instead took the loud and proud approach, giving customers a compare function to flick between bricks and included classy on-brand downloadable spec sheets to help them make informed decisions. 

Brick and Stone’s Company Video

Our animation team created an amazing video to showcase everything we’ve been working on. This video embodies all the flair, passion and attitude that Brick and Stone is about. Check it out below!

Social Media Strategy

Before the new look, Brick and Stone did not utilise social media to its full potential, lacking consistency and meaningful content. This hindered their ability to connect with customers and develop conversations. The Whitenoise Digital team collaborated with the Brick and Stone marketing team to establish Instagram and LinkedIn pages as well as revitalising their existing Twitter profile. Each platform has its purpose but all are consistent in conveying the new Brick and Stone transformation, allowing them to now connect with a wider audience in a new way. Our Digital team wanted to combine the latest social media trends and visual styles to make Brick and Stone stand out from the pack in the industry. For example, their Instagram feed has consistent branded story icons and ambitious visual content. Once the social media channels are more established with regular, vibrant content, we believe Brick and Stone will offer an industry-shaking approach to social media that will set them apart from any other brick and stone suppliers in the UK.

"Working with Whitenoise on this project has been an amazing experience. It has allowed me to see a place for myself within the family business and see how Brick and Stone can grow in the future. I absolutely love the new look and feel for Brick and Stone, bringing in colour and patterns really adds a lot more vibrancy to the brand and feels much more representative of the Brick and Stone team and brand." 

- Erin Blair, Media and Marketing, Brick and Stone.

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