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Translink go green with their climate awareness campaign: “Let’s change together”

Translink go green with their climate awareness campaign: “Let’s change together”


A long-standing client of ours Translink commissioned us to create an animation for their climate change initiative #LetsChangeTogether. The #LetsChangeTogether campaign calls for organisations and individuals to join with Translink to make the necessary changes to achieve net-zero emissions across Northern Ireland. Translink is making waves in the public transport industry by introducing the first batch of zero-emission, electric double-decker buses in Northern  Ireland, launched last month. This new fleet, made up of 80 Battery-Electric and 20 Hydrogen buses will mean around 33% of all Metro services in Belfast will be net-zero carbon. 

This campaign coincided with the publication of Translink’s Climate Positive Strategy, released to a global audience of key stakeholders at last year’s COP26 Global Conference in Glasgow. The animation was widely used throughout COP26 at a time, reinforcing focus on environmental issues and continues to be used as part of Translink’s school/youth engagement and relevant stakeholder information sessions.

Charlotte Richardson, PR Manager at Translink commented on the impact the animation contributed to Translink’s wider campaign goals: 

“We were keen to communicate our climate positive strategy to a wide audience in a way which was easily understood and also really engaging for a range of ages and backgrounds - from children, regular passengers, strategic stakeholders and those yet to embrace public transport. 

Our message needed to be delivered simply and straightforwardly, whilst providing enough detail to demonstrate the scope of work being delivered and the level of commitment to achieving our climate positive milestones. Whitenoise captured the brief perfectly and worked closely with the environment team to create a captivating animation and accompanying script which was both simple yet covered all the fundamental messages. The piece was read by two young schoolchildren who reflected Translink’s NI-wide services with their natural regional accents and demonstrated the importance of climate action for our future generations."

Whitenoise Digital Artist, Ryan Drayne comments on how the climate change animation was developed: 

“It was nice to work on a project that is being optimistic about the future of our climate and having the chance to develop a style that reflected a message of positivity and change was rewarding. We were given quite a lot of creative freedom too, which paired with an illustrative style (rather than a more icon-based / graphics style) made it a really fun project to work on!”

Take a look at this beautiful animation and the storyboards we created- we hope it will encourage you to think differently about how you can help the world be a better, more sustainable place! 

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