Mouth Watering Magazine Design for NI’s Number 1 Chicken Brand
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Mouth Watering Magazine Design for NI’s Number 1 Chicken Brand

Hatch Edition 5 Hits Kitchen Countertops This Spring

Welcome to the fifth edition of Hatch: Taste and Trends for 2024.

In this edition we are delving into the wonderful world of one of the UK’s favourite foods, CURRY! Diving deep into all things spice and the origins of our favourite takeaway allowed our creative team to explore rich textures, colour explosions and lush visual arrangements.

Whitenoise has been Moy Park’s trusted partner in developing the landmark and then biannual issues of Hatch magazine. The resource has now become a much anticipated culinary delight centred around chicken, featuring a plethora of amazing recipes for the Moy Park team to share with potential buyers, staff members, and the food-loving public at various events. Each issue has a fresh theme, providing a mix of background information, chef insights, and foodie news but always enticing the reader with delicious chicken recipes using Moy Park ingredients.

Whitenoise Hatch 24 Curry Edition web 1

Whitenoise Senior Designer Ciara Topping led all Creative Direction for this edition of Hatch, from art direction of the editorial style and storyboarding spreads to attending product photoshoots with food photography dream team Karyn Booth and Sharon Cosgrove. The editorial design for print and digital use puts the power in Moy Park’s hands and mouth-watering recipes on the kitchen tables of families across the nation.

“This year I had the pleasurable job of working with our Hatch team comprising Moy Park chefs, Karyn Booth food stylist extraordinaire and award-winning food photographer Sharon Cosgrove. The result is a drool-worthy curry magazine.

The creative process was a joy, from planning to art direction, design, and incorporating hand-drawn illustrations. Rooted in our established Hatch brand style developed across previous editions, this year’s design was infused with rich curry and spice-themed imagery and content. While grounded in the dark and moody imagery Hatch is famous for, this issue introduces the vibrant and intense colours associated with curry, spice, and Asian heritage.

Personally, my favourite part of the process was art-directing our product photoshoot. Shot in Sharon’s built-for-purpose studio, the essence of the magazine theme was tangible as Moy Park chefs filled the air with mouth-watering smells and plates were stacked high with visually stunning meal arrangements, organized to complement the design and page layouts I had storyboarded. 

It is a great feeling seeing your ideas and concepts come to life and look so delicious."

-  Ciara Topping, Senior Designer

Whitenoise Hatch 24 Curry Edition web 2

"We absolutely love every page of Hatch. This the best edition yet... again!”

Aaron Dixon, Head of Culinary at Moy Park

All the hard work and collaboration across the Hatch team paid off once again, with another “better than ever” glossy food magazine. We would love to hear what you think of Hatch. Let us know by emailing

Credit: All design by Whitenoise, copy and cooking by Moy Park culinary team, food styling by Karyn Booth and photography by Sharon Cosgrove

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