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Puffin Rock reaches more young audiences

Global kid's cartoon hit Puffin Rock partners with The Heritage Council and Whitenoise to deliver an educational experience

Puffin Rock is a pre‐school animated TV show for 2–5‐year‐olds set on a beautiful island off the coast of Ireland. Nature and wildlife are central to the stories and visual style of the show, giving it a unique look and feel. As an award-winning co-production between Cartoon Saloon, Dog Ears and Penguin Books, the series was made with the support of the Irish Film Board and Northern Ireland Screen and first premiered on RTE JR in January 2015, Nick JR in May 2015 and got its worldwide release on Netflix in September 2015.

The main characters are Oona and Baba, our cute sister and brother puffling pair, whose daily adventures encourage learning and reflect preschool challenges. They have a close group of friends: Silky the seal, Otto the owl, May the rabbit and Mossy the very busy pygmy shrew, who all help them in and out of trouble on a daily basis… Friendship and family relationships are core to Puffin Rock.

WHITENOISE Puffin Rock Case Study 3 WEB

The Heritage Council commissioned Whitenoise to design and develop the new Puffin Rock Habitats website, based on an exhibition currently touring the country. The exhibition, which aims to inspire a sense of wonder and improve “nature literacy” among families with young children, invites families to explore the unique habitats featured in Puffin Rock and uncover exciting sensory surprises. The Puffin Rock Habitats exhibition will tour to venues across Ireland in 2025, entertaining and educating children and parents alike.

"We are currently fighting a battle to reverse the trends of biodiversity and habitat loss, but the real leaders are our young people who will become the torchbearers of change. It's our responsibility now to equip them with the tools they will need and to equip them in an accessible and optimistic way. The Puffin Rock Habitats exhibition will both inspire and entertain our young heroes. 

To help us achieve these aims, the Heritage Council worked with Whitenoise to develop an event-specific website which acts as a digital representation of the physical exhibition and invites children to get involved whether they see the exhibition or not."

- Pearse O'Caoimh, Head of Communications and Public Affairs, The Heritage Council

WHITENOISE Puffin Rock Case Study 2 WEB

“The design journey on this project was very enjoyable, with everyone coming together to align with the beloved Puffin Rock brand to craft something so educational and informative. Working with the beautiful illustrations from Cartoon Saloon was an absolute pleasure and we enjoyed finding homes for Puffin Rock characters across the site. Huge thanks to The Heritage Council for giving Whitenoise the opportunity to support this incredible travelling exhibition and efforts to tackle climate loss.”

- Corey Watson, Lead UX/UI Designer, Whitenoise

"The work speaks for itself, with beautiful imagery supplied by Cartoon Saloon merging with easy-to-follow information and simple design to create a wonderful online experience.”

-  Pearse O'Caoimh, Head of Communications and Public Affairs, The Heritage Council

To find out more about the touring exhibition or to download a free activity book for you and your little puffins to complete; visit https://puffinrockhabitats.com

Credit: All illustration and artwork supplied by Cartoon Saloon, design by Whitenoise, build by Grace Coote

WHITENOISE Puffin Rock Case Study 4 WEB