It is our Birthday! We are 21 years old!
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  • It is our Birthday! We are 21 years old!

It is our Birthday! We are 21 years old!

Legally allowed to drive a large vehicle and adopt a child...We are celebrating our landmark 21st birthday!

Asking for a friend, what can you do legally aged 21+ in the UK? Apparently you can;

• Supervise a learner driver (at your peril)

• You can apply for a license to fly commercial transport aeroplanes, helicopters, gyroplanes and airships (new career path?)

• You can drive lorries over 7.5tonnes with a trailer as well as buses and road rollers

We can assure you we won’t be doing any of that, however, Whitenoise Airways sounds great, doesn’t it? This year is a BIG year for Whitenoise as it marks our 21st year in business.


We’re inviting you to join us as we explore "Whitenoise Turns 21”, a series where we celebrate the achievements of Whitenoise over the last 21 years. We will be sharing stories from our fantastic clients and our creative team, following the journey of Whitenoise through the years that made us. Keep up to date with this page and our social media channels where we will be uploading all of our interviews and content!

Have you any pictures of working with Whitenoise you’d like to share with us?

Follow us on the Whitenoise journey with #WhitenoiseTurns21. Find us on Instagram, LinkedInand Facebook.

About Whitenoise

Four teams. One studio.

At Whitenoise, we offer brand identity development and graphic design across all traditional and digital media, advertising for tv, press, radio, OOH, online and ambient.

Our animation offering includes 2D/3D animation and motion graphics, FX, CGI and 3D visualisation. Our film team works with the latest technology for business and broadcast, we have 4k film capture capability, Steadicam, aerial videography and sound design. The digital team offer social media services including content creation, copywriting, social media management and digital advertising.

For a full list of services, visit our website:

Whitenoise Sound Studios Recording Light
Whitenoise Sound Studios Mic Screen