Whitenoise offers a launch pad for students entering the creative industries
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  • Whitenoise offers a launch pad for students entering the creative industries

Whitenoise offers a launch pad for students entering the creative industries

Director Laura Smyth talks about the impact of meaningful placements

The creative industries are heavily reliant on the skills of upcoming new talent, and it is crucial for agencies to develop a strong talent pipeline and individuals who can learn, adapt, and develop skills quickly on the job. 

As a highly competitive industry with major blocks to experience, we frequently hear of young people in the current climate losing their motivation as opportunities to build their portfolio and evidence their skills become fewer and fewer. As an employer of local talent, producing compelling creative content for companies and organisations on a global scale, we understand the opportunity that Whitenoise has to provide these valuable connections and experiences for teenagers and young adults entering the creative industry.

Following a legacy of supporting students from local schools, colleges and universities, we have proudly facilitated record numbers of meaningful placements and work experience requests in 2023.

From hosting mock industry interviews for sixth-form students at Campbell College, to 10-week placements for Northern Regional College students, we are pleased to have provided valuable experiences for over 20 students and young people in 2023.

Alongside the hard and soft skills developed during their placements, students who have spent time at Whitenoise have fast-tracked their careers. Our 2023 success stories include a volunteer assistant on a Whitenoise TV ad production snapped up as a full-time runner at the BBC, a graphic design placement leading to a full-time production role at an established UK game design studio, and another placement student sitting in on the brief for the BBC's 'Strawbridge Over The Drawbridge' TV series, working up and pitching a concept and having it chosen as the broadcast identity. Numerous students empowered with the skills and confidence to freelance their talents.

“Our students learned about project management, animation, graphic design, video production and social media marketing whilst developing professional practice in the workplace. This opportunity allowed for a wide range of our creative media students to apply and gain invaluable insight and experience working in the creative industries...

...Opportunities like these are important for enriching the student's learning experience and confidence in their chosen career or further educational path. For many, it cemented their goal of achieving employment in the creative industry once they complete their education."

Laura Dixon, Creative Media Course Coordinator, Northern Regional College

Let's hear from the students: 

“My placement at Whitenoise has given me the confidence to take every opportunity available to me. Working in the studio has been a great experience and the creative industry is definitely where I want my future to go.”

“I’m not the type of person to engage in much conversation and so part of the reason I took the placement at Whitenoise was to learn what it's like to be in a working environment like this and develop my creative skills within a team. This placement has impacted hugely on my thoughts about my future and what I will do when I finish University. Before the placement, I was unsure about a job like this, but after the experience here, I absolutely would love to work in a team like this. Being surrounded by people with a passion and genuine interest in design and media has also deeply impacted my thoughts about University and my future. I feel so much better prepared for entering the design and animation industry. ”

"Witnessing the collaboration and synergy among the different roles in the team has been enlightening and inspiring. The placement pushed me outside my comfort zone, allowing me to develop new skills, expand my knowledge and work collaboratively in a professional environment. The support and guidance from the Whitenoise team was great and the opportunity to contribute to meaningful projects like 'Too Young To Wed' thrilled me. Overall, my experience at Whitenoise has been enriching and helped me grow personally and professionally.”

"Overall this process has allowed me to build on many skills within the creative sector that I can take with me within further education or employment. I have been able to soak up information and techniques from the creatives in Whitenoise and also gain feedback on my assigned projects. I feel like I improved so much over the 10 weeks."

We look forward to continuing to provide opportunities like these for talented and enthusiastic young people in 2024.