Moy Park

Fresh design for a Northern Ireland favourite

Moy Park and Whitenoise

Moy Park is one of the UK’s top 15 food companies, Northern Ireland’s largest private sector business and one of Europe’s leading poultry producers. As a Whitenoise client since 2012, we have produced a wide range of marketing and communications projects for this global leader in food production, from internal communications and sales presentations to technical sales literature, ePublications and website UX design, through animation and film to global exhibition design and production.

For their external audiences, we provide product branding, technical sales support, through the line advertising and all forms of print, film and animation to assist in the marketing of their products and services. Additionally we design, build and install their show stands to deliver them a strong stand-out presence at trade shows and expos throughout Europe, including London, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal and Germany.

"We first worked with Whitenoise in 2012 to deliver a fresh new look on that year’s CSR Report for the business, and we were impressed with their creativity, efficiency and can-do attitude. Since then they have gone on to work with Moy Park in our operational, production and marketing teams across Europe, delivering innovative work that communicates our messages effectively."
Brian Moreland, Corporate Communication & CR Manager, Moy Park

Hatch Magazine

The landmark first edition of Moy Park's Hatch magazine was published in January 2022, providing access to a world of insider food knowledge and culinary exploration. Hatch was produced as part of Moy Park’s food strategy in a drive to drive 'foodie culture' throughout the business and inspire staff, stakeholders and customers to be adventurous with the company's products. With mouthwatering photography and design, the magazine has since gained serious momentum within the industry and it continues to thrive and inspire. 

Whitenoise has art directed, designed and print managed all four editions of Hatch, working with the infinitely talented Development Chefs who have crafted over 100 brand new recipes so far, inspired by food trends from around the globe. Fit for any coffee table or kitchen island, the magazine features beautiful art direction and design, supported by great photography and food styling.

Crafting Hatch is a joy for our team who relish each stage; from the nitty gritty of designing grid systems and planning layouts, to typography choices, art directing photo shoots and developing custom illustration styles to complement the content. 

"Our new magazine looks absolutely fantastic and feedback has been really positive (lots of 'wows it’s just like a proper coffee table food magazine' which is exactly what we wanted!) We all want to thank Whitenoise for some amazing creative input and direction on this project. First class job guys."
Aaron Dixon, Head of Culinary, Moy Park

Hatch Magazine Covers
Hatch Magazine Spread Close Up
Hatch Magazine Spread Open
Hatch Magazine Spreads

ePub product catalogues

Having initially being tasked with producing an ePub catalogue for Moy Park's Foodservice division (supplying restaurant, cafe, catering and hospitality sector customers), the benefits of the ePub platform became readily apparent to the Brand marketing team, who readily embraced it as a powerful tool in the marketing and sales into their food retail sector customers. 

The benefits of 'over the air' same-day or overnight catalogue updates mean that their entire sales team are always accessing the latest product information, with none of the design, printing and distribution costs incurred with traditional printed catalogues. A classic example of what's good for the bottom line being good for the planet.

"When the Whitenoise team showed us the benefits of moving from printed catalogues to ePub, we knew this was the right move for us. It effortlessly houses all our products in one place, on tablet, laptop and online. This has been so useful for us as a sales tool ,opening new doors and opportunities, and it certainly saves time, effort, budgets and trees!"
Ellen Wright​, Senior Brand Marketing Manager, Moy Park

Exhibition design

Moy Park is a regular presence at food industry expos and we design, build and install their show stands to deliver them a strong stand-out presence at trade shows throughout Europe, including London and key location across Italy, France, Spain, Portugal and Germany. Whitenoise meets with the exhibition project manager to discuss Moy Park's requirements for the event and ways to provide eye-catching results at the show and amongst industry competitors. This collaborative approach leads to the strategic development of stand design, printed materials, animation and video assets that make an immediate impact on event-goers. 

"Whitenoise delivers what we need across all Moy Park Europe Foodservice activities. They are an essential part of our success and know us so well, that they get it right first time, all of the time. They go the extra mile and actually take the time to understand what we need to say and how we need to say it."
Frannie Santos Mawdsley, Customer Marketing Director, Foodservice Europe, Moy Park (retired)

Moy Park Stand collages

Other work and services

Moy Park is a major employer, with manufacturing facilities as well as product development, sales support and infrastructure throughout Ireland, UK and Europe. We help them reach out through their network using integrated internal communications, including newsletters, magazines and presentations. 

An integral and essential partner for Moy Park, we're their first port of call for CSR and staff communications and product category marketing support, which we support across our design, film, animation and digital teams.

Moy Park Work General

A Whitenoise client for over a decade, we have built a deep understanding of both the sector they operate in and the ways they communicate. This allows us to proactively propose and recommend novel and highly effective ways to reach their audiences.

Whitenoise work with our operational, production and marketing teams across Europe, delivering innovative solutions that communicate our messages effectively."
Brian Moreland, Corporate Communication & CR Manager


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